I found this survey over at Iowa Girl Eats and it looked like fun and I like having fun, so here we go!

Time and place: 8:50pm, sitting on my living room couch in my cozy apartment looking a my husband in the distance and listening to the pouring down rain and cars drive by outside.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment. Tonight, we celebrated my sister-in-law’s 16th birthday at a local noodle restaurant and I ordered vermicelli bun for the first time, it was so yummy! I usually order pho but I liked how the bun had more veggies in it. This week, I do plan to make a lighter version of this soup so that will be some cooking for me.


Anticipating: Spring! I feel like there have been a few days teasing us with spring-like weather here in the Northwest and I am loving it. Sun and warmth bring me so much joy because that means more time spent outdoors and….baseball!


Seeking: rock climbing shoes. My husband and I joined a rock climbing gym (in addition to my Class Pass membership) and are now trying to find shoes but we know very little about what to get and the prices for these shoes are quite high so we are trying to find whats best.

Avoiding: folding my laundry. To me, this is probably my most hated chore. Funny story, years ago when I was living alone in a studio I constantly had a mound of fresh clean clothes on top of my dryer about 3 feet high because I just didn’t want to fold them. Still, to this day there is always a pile of clean clothes on my floor waiting for me to fold them.

Craving: Water. This is weird considering I drink about a gallon of water every single day, maybe my sodium intake has been high or something but I am loving water.

Loving: Lots of things: the fact that I learned you can save a FB group post to read later, my Strides iphone app to record my daily habits, my supportive girlfriends and the fact I am finally following my dreams in terms of my career.

girls 2015.jpg

Reading: Head Over HeelsI found this book at the library a couple weeks back because I wanted something casual and funny, so far it has been a good read. I also wanted a paperback book because they are easier for me to hold in bed, anyone else agree? I am aiming to read 2 days a week which I am really enjoying.

head over heels.jpg

Watching: The Bachelor. I’ve always been into reality TV and have watched The Bachelor on and off for years but I’m really into it this season, I love JoJo but I already saw who Realty Steve picked to win so we will see what happens. I was a bit annoyed this week when I saw all the McDonalds brand placement, is that really necessary? Or maybe it is because they are losing customers…? Wishful thinking.

Pick a few “Currently” categories and share below!

Tuesday Tidbits

I would say I read close to 5 health related articles from various sources every single day. I am obsessed with learning and know this knowledge and desire to learn will get me far in life so I make sure I am “in the know” about health related issues, products, shows, etc.

Starting today, I am devoting Tuesdays on the blog to a tidbits post of cool articles or products I have found throughout the week that I want to share with my readers, enjoy!


  1. It’s heart month, learn how to keep your cardiovascular health in check: 
  2. Souping is the new juicing, hmmm I haven’t heard of this until recently, what do you think?
  3. I have been seeing a lot of health experts talking about quitting sugar but I never understood the reason behind still consuming stevia and honey, this article explains it a bit more:
  4. I loved reading this article, there are some great tips on using almost every single part of the food you eat:

Bouldering Babe

Thanks to some free day passes I received more than a year ago, Dan and I finally trekked the 3 miles down the road to the Seattle Bouldering Project. We had such a good time and got in a great workout too!

When we arrived at the gym, we were prompted to fill out the online waiver and get our rental shoes. After putting on the tight shoes (we learned your toes are supposed to be scrunched up in the front) one of the staff members showed us around and pointed out what the different colors of boulders meant. After that, we got out on the mats to start climbing!


White was the easiest and black was the most difficult so we decided to try the yellow which was the second easiest section for climbing. On the first one, I got close to the top but then mentally freaked out that I would fall and it was pretty high up so then we tried some shorter ones and did well with those. In between our scaling (…is that the correct term..?) we would take a seat on the mats and watch all of the other people doing amazing things – hanging from the ceiling, getting up to the top so quickly and balancing on small little rocks with all of their body weight – it was pretty impressive! Our upper bodies and hands (and my legs from my workouts the day before) got tired after about an hour or so but I’m pretty sure we both want to go back again really soon to get better! Thanks for the day passes Seattle Bouldering Project!



Wellness Wednesday: H2O

Be like Bobby Boucher from The Waterboy and drink your water!

Water doesn’t really suck and the health benefits it provides are excellent for your body. Here are a few benefits to drinking water and some quick tips to increase your daily consumption.

Benefits of H2O:

  • Water helps moisturize your skin, especially in the winter. Dehydration can occur to cause your skin to look dry and become flaky. Your skin is already part water but making sure you are properly hydrated will help even more.
  • Water helps your body;s overall performance, especially if you are active. Through sweat, you lose water content therefore it is important to replenish it throughout the day.
  • Water can also help you lose weight, not by any scientific reasoning but because if you replace your soda or coffee consumption with water, you will decrease your calorie intake. Water also helps you feel full.

Drink up – Tips for increasing your water intake: 

  • Purchase a reusable water bottle so that you can refill it and carry it with you wherever you go. The brands I love are Camelbak and Nalgene
  • If plain water just doesn’t do it for you, purchase an all natural sparkling water like La Croix or Dasani. Be sure to find a brand and flavor that only has water and natural ingredients on the label.
  • Set a goal to drink a gallon of water a day and make it a fun challenge with your friends.