Workout Wednesday 

Welcome to the first Workout Wednesday of 2016! I hope to use Wednesday as a time to talk about my workouts from the past week through my Class Pass membership. If you aren’t familiar, Class Pass is a membership based fitness program where members can pay a monthly fee and attend as many studios and gyms as they want in their city. In Seattle, there are tons of fitness studios I can’t afford to pay the $25 drop in rate for so Class Pass gives me the option to check them out at a very discounted rate. I have only had Class Pass for a couple weeks, but am so far LOVING it. 

Here are my workouts from the past week:

12/28: BodyPump @ Flow Fitness. I have taken hundreds of BP classes at 24 Hour Fitness and Golds Gym and I really love the class so I decided to try one out at a new gym. The instructor was a sub, but she was great and smiley which I love. The hour long class using a dumbbell and free weights went by quick and I got a great workout in.

12/30: Pedal & Pulse @ Community Fitness. This was my first time attending this studio and accidentally drove to the wrong location at first, so if you go, make sure you double check the address! I walked in a couple minutes late due to my mistake but thankfully they still let me into the class. I walked into the warm up of the “pedal” portion of the class and was surprised how full the room was; I don’t think I have even seen a class with so many people – it sure was motivating. We pedaled on the spin bikes for 25-30 minutes then got off and did some Pilates style strength training. I enjoyed the class and would go again, but was a little bummed I wasn’t as sore as I thought I would be.

In addition to these classes, I have also taken classes at Tricycle FitnessBarre3, and Rival Fitness

What’s your favorite class?

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